Residence of Ye Family in Nanhou Street

    The construction began in the Ming Dynasty. Sitting north and facing south, the house consists of a main building and a parlour with the whole estate sprawling up to 2,321㎡. The main building is divided into three compounds with its gate facing east and linking up to Nanhou Street. This fine example of residential house blended Ming, Qing and Republic styles all smartly, and was designated as one of the 6th group of cultural relics under provincial protection in 2005.

    The original owner Ye Zaiqi (1866-1907), born in Houguan County (present FuZhou), was an Imperial Scholar in the 12th year of the reign of Emperor Guang Xu, Qing Dynasty. Eight people from Ye family were appointed to the prestigious Hanlin Academy, which advised the Emperor and helped him to draft documents. Therefore Ye family was known as ‘Hanlin Academy Family’.



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