Residence of Liu Family in Guang Lu Fang (Emperor’s Attendant Lane)

    The residence consists of four main buildings standing side by side from west to east with a total area of 4,532㎡. It is by far the biggest residential house in Fuzhou. Xu You, the owner of the estate and a well-known Chinese painter of the early Qing Dynasty, named it the ‘House of Mi Fu’s Admirer’, and later Lin Ji, an Imperial Scholar in the year of the reign of Emperor Kang Xi of the Qing dynasty and secretary of the Cabinet got it and re-named it ‘Textual Criticism’s House’. In the year of the reign of Emperor Jia Qing of the Qing dynasty, Liu Zhao bought it over. His seven sons and grandsons rebuilt it in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic era. Yu Dafu, a patriotic poet, lived here in the 25th year of the Republic era and prestigious writers such as Dong Qiufang and Yang Sao frequented here quite often.

    The building was designated as one of the 6th group of cultural relics under provincial protection in 2005.



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